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Kalpana - Kannada Movie Review

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Kalpana - Kannada Movie Review


Cast - Upendra, Lakshmi Rai, Saikumar, Umasri, Shruthi, Achyuthkumar, Satyajith, Bobby George and others.

Cinematography - Selvaraj

Music - V Harikrishna

Producer - Ram Narayan

Director - Ram Narayan 

Ratings: 3/5

By Kreative Access Media

Of lately many horror stories have flooded Kannada film Industry with full throttle and the latest to join the list is Upendra's latest release `Kalpana'. The film is a revenge story where the spirit of eunuch who makes a comeback to the real world in order to get justice to its name. Remake of Tamil as `Kanchana' that was made by Lawerence, the film focuses on the tyranny of eunuch in the society. The story is three eunuchs (Mangalamukhi) Saikumar, his Godfather Akbar (Bobby George) and his son are brutally murdered by Shobaraj and his mates over some property.

They are killed and their bodies are secretly buried in the ground and their spirits come to life when film's protagonists, enters the same ground. The time he puts stumps in the ground to play cricket the spirits come to the real world and turns his life upside down. Raghav's family namely his mother Umasri, Brother Achyuth Kumar and sister in law Shruthi are affected by the ghost.

However Raghav does finds a solution to his problem as he manages to lock the evil spirits and puts their injustice to rest when he gets justice for their land and uses it for noble purpose by building a college for social development .

Filmmaker Ram Narayan has dealt with the issue in a very mature manner. Without going overboard, Ram has balanced the mythological factor of spirits and reality to the core, kudos to his strong hand at handling story on the film.

Superstar Upendra has given a gem of a performance in the film and justifies his casting in the super natural thriller. Saikumar as an antagonist spirit however has not suited the character. Other supporting stars like Lakshmi Rai, Umasri, Shruthi, Achyuthkumar, Satyajith and Bobby George perform their parts well.

Technically the film is good but had it been shorter the film could have been sharper and entertaining. Music Director V Harikrishna has given good melodies in the film.

All said all done the film is a must watch and a good entertainer for cinema lovers.