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Kasethan Kadavulada - Tamil Movie Review

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Kasethan Kadavulada - Tamil Movie Review

Kasethan Kadavulada

Cast: Sharan, Kamna, Karunas, Pandiarajan, Divya, Sathyan, Manobala, Delhi Ganesh, Lollu Sabha, Jeeva, Paravai, Muniyamma, Singamuthu

Director, Screenplay, Dialogues: Thirumalai

Cinematography - Sevilo Raja

Lyrics - Viveka

Producer - Jamal Syed Ibrahim, J Raja Muhammed

Ratings: **

By Kreative Access

`Kasethan Kadavulada' the multi starrer film has yet again knocked the box-office door this week. But this one turns out to be slapstick no sense film that hardly manages to entertain you.

The film revolves around four friends Sharan (Blade Bala), Divya, Sathyan and Lollu Sabha, Jeeva. The group of friends is in deep trouble as they are in need of a huge amount and they have no single penny to churn out. To come out of the trouble they take the advice of their friend Karunas, who suggested them to rob a bank. Under the pressure to get out of the dreading situation they succumb to this not-so-brilliant idea and rob the bank successfully but loose the money bag due to their carelessness.

They get arrested and leading lady Kamna happens to be one of the leading police officer's daughter. On the course of their struggle they find where their money is. But the route to get the money back is again twisted by fate. They lose the track of the money and on course indulge in other criminal offence out of intention. The confusing situations were injected in the film to make you laugh but alas they hardly bring out a giggle from you.

Director Thirumalai has poorly helmed the film as failed to contribute in the other departments that he helmed. He has also penned the story, screenplay and dialogues but much to the viewers disguise he fails to excel in any of those.

The cats of the film succumbs to the poor screenplay and equally dreading plot as none from the stars like Karunas, Pandiarajan, Sathyan, Manobala, Delhi Ganesh, Lollu Sabha or Jeeva manage to impress you.

The music of the film is composed by actor Karunas and the actor cum music composer hasn't delivered decent music for the film.

All said all done the film is not worth tour time or your money. Find an alternate option to entertain yourself this weekend.